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The Benefits of Physiotherapy​

Physiotherapy is used to treat a huge range of conditions, from muscle strains through to rehabilitation from major surgery. The field is extremely broad, with many specialities such as sports physiotherapy and even vestibular physiotherapy for treatment of vertigo and dizziness. As you can see, physiotherapy encompasses a whole lot more than just recovering from injuries. No matter what sort of injury or condition you’ve experienced, it’s likely that physiotherapy can play a role in your recovery.

So, what exactly are the benefits of physiotherapy?


Before exploring the benefits, let’s take a quick look at the different types of physiotherapy you may require, depending on your condition.

All types of physiotherapy treatments are used for different conditions, and your physio will recommend a tailored treatment plan based on their initial assessment. Now, let’s look at some of the reasons physiotherapy is so beneficial.


One of the most common reasons people find themselves needing physiotherapy is for pain management. Pain occurs from a range of medical conditions, but also from specific injuries. During recovery from such injuries, people want to minimise their pain as much as possible. Techniques such as soft tissue mobilisation, ultrasound or taping can all help to relieve pain while also restoring muscle strength.


Joints can also be a significant source of pain, and joint mobilisation techniques are often used to provide relief whether it’s due to injury or another condition such as osteoarthritis.


Many people experience pain and discomfort throughout their life, particularly in certain joints like knees. Back pain is also a common complaint throughout Australia. Sometimes, people can avoid surgery by undergoing physiotherapy. The aim is often to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments all around the site of the pain, thus making the area stronger and avoiding costly surgeries.


Even if you do need to undergo surgery, many people choose to go through physiotherapy beforehand, in order to strengthen the area. Because post-surgery is a time of limited, very controlled activity, by being stronger before the surgery you can increase your chances of a quicker recovery.


Most people require some form of physiotherapy following a surgery. It can be extremely helpful not just in promoting a faster recovery, but also in strengthening muscles and ligaments. The exercises you perform as part of your physiotherapy are also about promoting better movement. It may feel like the exercises aren’t doing much initially, but they’re designed to train your body to move the right way. This supports your recovery and your future health


Age-related conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and even joint replacement surgeries can be aided by regular physiotherapy. While these conditions aren’t isolated to older patients, they certainly become more prevalent as people age. Qualified physiotherapists can develop a treatment plan involving regular exercises, as well as joint and soft-tissue mobilization to keep you up and about for longer. Importantly, physio also helps reduce the pain associated with these types of conditions.

Increased Mobility

Many people suffer from decreased mobility for a number of reasons. It may be due to age, joint conditions, injuries, and even neurological issues. No matter the reason, physiotherapy plays a key role in improving your mobility.


This could be achieved through regular exercises, strengthening, and even taking part in activities to improve flexibility. Physiotherapy can help you improve mobility, and even maintain your mobility for longer.


Patients suffering from diabetes and heart conditions often find it difficult to engage in high-intensity exercise. As a result, it’s difficult to maintain good strength and mobility, as well as overall health. While these conditions can be restrictive, they don’t have to put an end to your mobility completely.


With physiotherapy, patients can learn to manage their conditions better, while also engaging in regular exercise that promotes good heart health and lower blood-sugar levels. Patients who have had cardiac surgery in particular benefit from physiotherapy as they regain strength and conditioning.


Physiotherapy is naturally a key part of injury recovery. However, it’s also great for injury prevention. Physiotherapists are trained to assess your body’s natural movement and identify areas that may need correction. Many high-performance athletes work with physiotherapists to alter their running style, for example, to prevent soft tissue injuries in the future.


Even during injury recovery, there’s a big focus on strengthening the injured muscle as well as the areas around it, thus providing more protection against future injury.

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