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Burleigh Central Physio offers hydrotherapy services from qualified, experienced physiotherapists. If you’re suffering from joint pain, osteoarthritis, sports injuries or a range of other issues, hydrotherapy services in Burleigh might be perfect for you.

Hydrotherapy is a therapy performed in a heated pool that incorporates aerobic exercise as well as rehabilitation. It has excellent benefits for a range of conditions including back pain, arthritis, neck pain and post-op rehabilitation. We conduct the hydrotherapy program at the nearby Rackley Family Swim Centre where we can use both the hydrotherapy pool (33 degrees) and the larger indoor training pool (27 degrees).



What is Hydrotherapy?

Many people think that hydrotherapy is just doing exercise in a pool. While this is partly true, there’s a whole lot more to it than that. Rather, it’s a very tailored exercise program unique to your individual needs, and it takes place in a heated pool. The pool is around 34-35ºC, and the buoyancy of the water reduces gravity on the body. It’s the perfect way to increase strength and mobility without the load and impact of other exercises.

Hydrotherapy sessions occur either 1-on-1 or in groups, depending on your situation, goals or stage of your recovery. Our qualified physiotherapists work closely with you to develop an exercise plan that’s tailored for you. That way, your treatment is carefully guided for maximum results. Best of all, hydrotherapy is for people of all ages. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, trying to build strength, or even maintain your ability to walk freely, hydrotherapy can be the perfect treatment.

What are the Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy has a range of benefits, mostly because it decreases the load and impact on your body while exercising. Many other forms of exercise are too hard on painful joints, and also aren’t suited to those in the early stages of injury recovery. Rather, hydrotherapy is an easier way to build strength and increase movement when other forms of exercise aren’t possible.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Less pain due to the water temperature (34-35ºC)
  • Ability to strengthen upper and lower limbs with water resistance
  • Improved balance and less risk of falls
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness (general fitness)
  • Hydrotherapy aids with coordination
  • Promotes relaxation and stress reduction

All of these factors allow for a safer, low-risk recovery from injury because the environment is more controlled. With hydrotherapy, you can remove some of the traditional barriers you’ve had to maintaining mobility and strength.

What Conditions are Helped by Hydrotherapy?

There are a huge range of conditions that can be helped by hydrotherapy. We can also assure you it’s a total myth that hydrotherapy is only for the older generation. People of all ages can benefit from hydrotherapy, especially those who have suffered injuries or had recent surgery.

Any type of condition that requires the building or rebuilding of strength in muscles will benefit from hydrotherapy. Many physiotherapists also recommend hydrotherapy as a safe, controlled way for people to begin increasing movement after surgery. If pounding along the pavement isn’t possible, then you can definitely benefit from exercising in a heated pool.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Stress and depression
  • Joint pains
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Spinal conditions
  • Knee pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint replacements (knees and hips)
  • Neurological conditions (such as Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and cerebral palsy among others)

The beauty of hydrotherapy is that it’s tailored for your individual needs. Our hydrotherapy services in Burleigh involve thorough consultation and planning, ensuring your overall treatment plan is followed. Remember, hydrotherapy might not be your only treatment, but it’s a valuable step in the right direction.

Our Hydrotherapy Services in Burleigh


We pride ourselves on offering the best hydrotherapy services in Burleigh. What makes us different? Well, we individually tailor your hydrotherapy plan according to your needs. We take a staged approach to getting you in the pool, and make sure you’re supported the whole way through.

Firstly, we conduct an assessment in our clinic. This allows your physiotherapist to understand your situation, work out your current level of function and discuss your treatment goals.

The next step is an assessment in the pool. This is all about understanding how comfortable you are in the pool, and what range of movement you’re able to do safely. The recovery from this first session is also integral, because we never want to push you too hard.

From that point on, the program is very personalised and you’re given all the support you need. The next step is usually a first session in the pool with your tailored exercise program. Your physiotherapist will go through all of your exercises with you in a fully supportive environment.

After this, some people need more individual help while others are happy to continue attending sessions with less supervision. If you like to work through exercises on your own, that’s totally fine and we’ll be on hand to monitor your progress. You may also attend sessions in the clinic, so we can assess how you’re going and plan the next steps in your treatment.


1-On-1 Hydrotherapy Services

The 1-on-1 hydrotherapy sessions are designed to give you the full support that you need. In these sessions, your physiotherapist works with you to plan a range of exercises to benefit your recovery or treatment. Sessions can involve a whole range of exercises, often using supports like pool noodles, kickboards and weights.

Essentially, these sessions are all about providing a tailored, individual service that helps you reach your goals.

Hydrotherapy Group Sessions

Group hydrotherapy sessions are a great way to improve your range of movement and mobility. Classes are tailored to specific groups, and feature a broad range of exercises. If you’re new to hydrotherapy, or have specific restrictions because of recent surgery, group sessions would only be recommended once you have reached a certain point in your treatment.

However, if you’re cleared to attend group sessions, it’s a great way to maintain regular exercise in a controlled environment that isn’t so hard on the joints. Like all forms of exercise, we strongly recommend speaking to your physiotherapist before booking group sessions. This is just to make sure you’re ready for some activity that’s outside of your initial treatment plan.

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