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Burleigh Central Physiotherapy

Burleigh Central Physiotherapy is a local gem in the heart of Burleigh Heads, with experienced and dedicated physiotherapists and massage therapists that are committed to providing the best service and rehabilitation for you and your loved ones.  As well as hands on treatment therapy, we include pilates, hydrotherapy and dry needling as a part of our treatments. Our onsite gym-based rehabilitation programs are targeted to each individual during their recovery process.  We are conveniently located on West Burleigh Road, less than a minute from Burleigh’s CBD and major transport stops.

Musculo-skeletal Screening

Completing a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s predisposition to injury is ideal for anyone training for specific sports. A musculoskeletal screening looks at flexibility, posture, functional strength and biomechanics, with specific advice and exercises prescribed to reduce the risk of injury and thereby improve overall training results.

Broad and Extensive Experience

Our therapists diagnose and treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, with a large focus on musculoskeletal areas. Our treatment emphasis is a combination of hands-on therapy, patient education and exercise prescription. We will assess, diagnose, treat and educate our clients on the best methods to improve their condition and maintain good health.

Pre-employment Screening

This is a physical screening program for various industries assessing the suitability of job applicants for a range of positions. Assessment examples include posture, lifting technique, back strength, flexibility and general fitness etc. These sessions can also be very useful for injury prevention in the workplace. These are conducted in our specially designed gym, with a range of specialist equipment.

Injury Assessment and Education

We work with the younger generations at sporting clubs and schools to ensure that weekly sporting commitments are able to be undertaken by holding regular injury clinics. During these sessions, we assess and give advice on specific concerns, working with both the coaches and parents to support and educate them on a long term plan for their budding athletes.