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Gym-based Rehabilitation

Burleigh Central Physio offers gym based rehabilitation services from qualified, experienced physiotherapists. If you’ve suffered an injury, you regularly need to perform manual work, or you’d like to lose weight as part of your rehab, our physiotherapists can devise a gym plan that’s perfect for you.

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What is Gym Based Rehabilitation?

Gym based rehabilitation is the process of performing a wider range of exercises than you may be able to do at home. Often, during physiotherapy you will start out slowly, particularly following an injury or surgery. Lighter exercises are required to start re-training your muscles and getting your body moving naturally again. However, as you progress, it may be beneficial to do a range of different exercises, and some of these can’t be done at home.

The beauty of gym based rehab is you have access to a lot of weights machines that help you control the load. This avoids putting extra stress on your body and potentially harming your chances of a full recovery. Using free weights, there’s a temptation to do more than you should, and this puts you at risk of re-injury, or even obtaining a completely new injury.

With gym-based rehabilitation, your physiotherapist will provide a detailed and personally tailored program of exercises. With regular physiotherapy sessions, you can discuss progressing to heavier weights, more intensive exercises and wider ranges of movement. Ultimately, it’s all about ensuring you can return your body to its required level of performance, while keeping you safe and injury free.

What are the benefits of Gym Based Rehabilitation?

There are three key benefits to undertaking gym based rehabilitation. Firstly, by following the guidelines laid out by your physiotherapist, you may find you recover more quickly. This is because you’re gradually returning your body to a wider range of movement and building strength at the same time. With many gym exercises, you may be targeting a specific area, for example your shoulder following a surgery. But ultimately, while working your shoulder muscles, the surrounding parts of your body are also being strengthened. When this occurs, you set yourself up for a quicker and more effective recovery.

Secondly, gym physiotherapy or gym based rehab helps prevent re-injury. As mentioned above, if the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your injury are being strengthened, you’re building the right support to protect against future injury.

Finally, you can expect less pain during your recovery. You may feel general muscle soreness, particularly if you’re doing exercises you haven’t done before, but the goal is always to reduce the pain at the site of your injury and increase strength gradually. Gym based rehabilitation doesn’t mean you hit the gym and start bench-pressing your body weight. It simply means you have a much broader selection of exercises, which contribute not only to your recovery but your overall health and fitness at the same time.

What are the benefits of Gym Based Rehabilitation?

Gym based rehab isn’t isolated to those who regularly attended the gym before their injury. In fact, one of the reasons you may be recommended a gym based rehabilitation program in Burleigh is following cardiac surgery, or if you suffer from diabetes. Even patients who would benefit from weight loss may be recommended a gym program.

More commonly though, gym based rehabilitation programs are particularly effective for those who work in manual labour jobs. If your career requires you to lift heavy items, be particularly mobile or generally maintain a high level of physical activity, a gym based program is great. By targeting particular muscle groups, your physiotherapist can determine a plan that will help your body cope with manual labour or repetitive tasks.

Likewise, those suffering sporting injuries often require gym based rehab. This is because their sport or chosen activity requires a certain level of performance, and the only way to build up to that level again is through a graduated return to exercise. Gym physiotherapy / rehab is particularly helpful in these situations as your physi can recommend a range of exercises that not only help recovery from injury, but prepare your body to prevent future injuries.

Our Gym Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services in Burleigh

We pride ourselves on taking a very individual approach to all gym based rehabilitation programs. Everybody is different, and each injury also differs in severity. For that reason, we don’t use any generic gym plans. Our Burleigh gym physiotherapy programs are tailored to your specific injury and needs.

We take a cautious approach to ensure your safety during recovery, because it’s always our goal to get you back to full fitness and prevent the chance of re-injury.

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