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Gold Coast Physio



Gold Coast Physio


We treat a wide range of conditions in our rooms with a large focus on the musculoskeletal issues. These range from neck and back problems to shoulder, hip, knee and ankle injuries – both acute and chronic, sports related and otherwise. Our treatment emphasis is a combination of manual therapy, advice/education and exercise prescription.

Other Services

Musculoskeletal screening: Comprehensive assessment of an individual’s predisposition to injury . Ideal for anyone training for sport or general fitness. Looks at flexibility, posture, functional strength and biomechanics , with specific advice and exercises prescribed to reduce the risk of injury and thereby improve overall training results.

Pre-employment screening: Physical screening program for various industries assessing the suitability of job applicants for a range of positions. Assessment examples include posture, lifting technique, back strength and flexibility, general fitness etc.  Also very useful for injury prevention in the workplace. These are conducted in our rooms with a range of specialist equipment.

Injury prevention workshops: Designed for fitness and sports groups to improve awareness of injury prevention while training or exercising. Particularly looks at the importance of technique, biomechanics and the use of musculoskeletal screening to prevent injury and improve performance. The influence of age and genetics are also discussed in detail. These workshops are held either in our rooms or at the venue of the training group involved.