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Director - Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Joshua Noble has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland. He has extensive experience working in orthopaedic physiotherapy and private practice. He is currently completing a Master of Sports Physiotherapy and is the Senior Physiotherapist for the Burleigh Bears as well as the Directing Physiotherapist for the Future Titans program. He has a particular interest in cervical spine disorders/headaches, persistent pain and sports related injuries from both contact and endurance sports. He enjoys working with his mature patients, and is passionate about helping them enjoy an active and pain free life. Josh achieves great results by employing a holistic, hands-on approach to treating his patients and goes above and beyond to provide a thorough diagnosis and personal post-treatment follow up to ensure his patients receive the care they deserve.


Bachelor of Exercise Science
Doctor of Physiotherapy
Masters of Exercise Science
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Andrew is one of the most senior Physiotherapists at Burleigh Central Physio. He has a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Doctor of Physiotherapy and Masters of Strength and Conditioning, which he completed in 2018). He is a second generation Physiotherapist with extensive experience in private practice, helping his patients through his ability to correctly diagnose and effectively treat injuries. He has a particular interest in hip, knee and shoulder injuries and enjoys working with both professional and community-based athletes, helping them achieve their best health and fitness results. Andrew has been helping people of all ages in the Burleigh community for over 11 years. With his superior knowledge, passion and experience we are confident he can help you.


Bachelor of Exercise Science
Masters of Physiotherapy
Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Tennille has been a part of the Burleigh Central Team as one of our senior Physiotherapist’s for over 10 years. She has a Masters of Physiotherapy as well as a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She has strong track record in helping patients with acute and complicated injuries through her caring nature and extensive experience. Tennille is mother of two boys and understands how important a healthy family is. She prides herself on her patient care and achieves great results through an accurate diagnosis, effective manual therapy and appropriate rehabilitation. Book in to see how Tennille can help you and your family.

Josh McDermott

Bachelor of Exercise Science
Master of Physiotherapy

Josh obtained a Bachelor of Exercise Science at Victoria University and Master of Physiotherapy at Griffith University. He has a strong interest in the areas of chronic pain as well as conditions related to the neck, shoulder and ankle. He utilises a combined approach of hands on treatment techniques, exercise and education to ensure clients have a greater understanding of their condition while achieving their goals. His experience in the private practice industry consists of treating sporting injuries, WorkCover / third party injuries as well as persistent pain has enabled him to treat more than just the injury to get people back to the things they love. Through his own history, Josh has a strong interest in the sports of swimming, golf, AFL and surfing.

Marc Del Gallo

Bachelor of Exercise Science
Doctor of Physiotherapy
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Marc is a passionate caring Physiotherapist helping clients achieve their goals and optimise their quality of life through a firm belief that a combination of hands on therapy, education and exercise therapy will achieve the best results. Marc is currently the Head Physiotherapist for the Future Titains program and the rehabilitation Physiotherapist for the Burleigh Bears. He has previous experience in AFL and athletics and works closely with some of the best Orthopaedic and sports physicians on the Gold Coast. Marc has completed additional qualifications as a Specialised Vestibular Physiotherapist, enabling him to effectively help those whose suffer from vertigo, migraines and headaches. Marc is highly trusted and recommended in the Burleigh community.

Jacinta Moore

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Exercise Science
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Jacinta treats the person, not just the condition. Her focused, hands-on approach achieves great results. She believes strong families make strong communities and enjoys treating all members of the family. She has a particular interest in postpartum Physiotherapy and has a strong background in clinical Pilates and gym-based rehabilitation. She has worked with several AFL football teams and has a focus on acute sports injuries, particularly hip and groin pain. As a busy young working mother who enjoys running, Jacinta understands the importance pain free physical activity and the positive impact it has on overall health and wellbeing.

Robyn Spilsbury

Bachelor of Exercise Science
Masters of Physiotherapy
Clinical Pilates Instructor

On top of being an experienced Physiotherapist, Robyn has an extensive history as both a professional soccer player and coach. The combination of both has enabled her to achieve great result with patients wanting to return to professional sport or get the most out of their exercise program. Robyn also has a particular interest in orthopaedics and chronic conditions and has the knowledge and ability to help those patients that suffer from persistent pain. She has completed extra training as a Vestibular Physiotherapist and enjoys helping patients who suffer from vertigo, migraines and headaches. Robyn believes the body has an innate ability to heal itself with the right approach including education, understanding and support. See how she can help you today.


Steven RACKI

Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Steven obtained a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Griffith University. He has a strong interest in neurological conditions while also being well equipped in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions. This well-rounded approach helps him treat the person, not just the condition. His experience in the NDIS sector has given him a strong passion for helping his patients achieve their goals both inside the practice and out. Stevens experience working with both the Burleigh Bears and Gold Coast Titans has provided him with invaluable expertise for working with athletes at all ages and levels.

Chris harrington

Exercise Physiologist

Chris completed his Masters of Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science (Nutrition Major) at Southern Cross University. As an Exercise physiologist Chris's job is to find the best evidenced based exercise to improve a client's condition and reach their goals. Chris works with clients with chronic conditions (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal, cancers, kidney, respiratory / pulmonary and mental health conditions. His special interest are in Balance/Falls prevention, Diabetes, Hypertension, Lower back pain, shoulder and knee modalities. Strengthening and improving a client's wellbeing is a key component. When not at work, Chris spends his time at the beach surfing or fishing.

Sarah Murphy

Practice Manager

Lucy Doyle-Noble





Peter Ridley founded Burleigh Central Physiotherapy originally and practiced in the Burleigh Heads community for more than 25 years before retiring in December 2016 to pursue his other passions – surfing and photography. For many patients, Peter transformed their lives, and gave them functional ability they didn’t know was possible. It was important to Peter that he leave the practice in capable hands, and Josh Noble shared the same treatment principles, ethics and values as Peter. Peter remains a part of the practice family, with his partner Tracy and son Andrew continuing in their roles here.

Get to Know Our Specialist
Team at Burleigh Heads

Finding highly qualified and hardworking health professionals is crucial but complicated.
Whether it’s due to something like an injury or surgery, many people find themselves on the hunt for a trusted physiotherapist. A physiotherapist is someone who helps a patient improve and manage their motor function, mobility, and pain.

If you’re having trouble finding someone you can rely on, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team of amazing professionals, and we’d like to introduce ourselves!

Get to know our Burleigh Heads Physiotherapist team by reading the 5 fun facts below. We can’t wait to meet you.


Our Founder Practiced in the Community for Over 25 Years
Our founder, Peter Ridley, has made a huge impact on the Burleigh Heads community. He helped many people regain mobility they thought they would never have again.

Even though he retired in 2016, his work and impact are still seen in our office today. Don’t worry! He left it in good hands with our Director, Josh Noble.


We Have Several Trained Clinical Pilates Instructors on Staff
Pilates is an incredible exercise for those looking to regain core strength, balance, and flexibility. It also helps with your posture and breathing.

Our staff has several clinical pilates instructors ready to help you regain the strength in your body’s stabilising muscles. If you’re someone suffering from a neck or back injury, a clinical pilates class is something you need to try.


Director Joshua Noble Has Plenty of Experience With Sports Physiotherapy
Are you seeking treatment for a sports-related injury? Joshua Noble, owner and director, is a professional Sports Physiotherapist with an interest in endurance sports. He continues on with the same drive and ethic Peter founded our practise with. He’s hands-on and helps clients achieve their goals every day.


Our Team Brings In Diverse Experience
The specialist team at our clinic is one of the best groups of physiotherapists because of all the diverse and enriching experiences our members bring to the table.

All of our specialists are highly educated with a love for sports and exercise. As you work with our team, you’ll soon realise just how determined they are to get you back on track.


No One Beats Us
Some may say this is an opinion, but we know it’s a fact. No one beats our team.

Every specialist displays a great passion for helping the community around us. We know an injury can be discouraging, but our team will be there right beside you each step of the way.

A Little Bit About Us: Quick Facts About the Burleigh Heads Physiotherapist Team

We hope you enjoyed the above 5 quick facts about our Burleigh Heads Physiotherapist team. It’s been a pleasure to introduce ourselves to you.
Our team is a collection of diverse experiences and a great passion for exercise. We have many clinical pilates instructors on staff, and our physiotherapists will work right along with you to help you meet your goals. Are you ready to get started at our clinic? Contact us to book an appointment today.

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