Five Reasons to Begin Physiotherapy for Pain as Soon as Possible

If you’re injured or experiencing ongoing pain, a physio can help. Here are 5 reasons you should seek physiotherapy for pain as soon as possible.

Correct diagnosis of injury

One of the most important reasons to visit a physio as soon as possible is to determine the type and extent of the issue that’s causing your pain. In some cases, you may have already spoken to a GP or had some scans done, but if your pain is undiagnosed, seeing a physio is your best bet.

Your physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment to test your range of movement and determine what’s causing your pain. They may even be able to check for muscle damage using ultrasound, decreasing the need for other costly scans.

Faster pain relief

Once the source of your pain is diagnosed, the most pressing matter is getting some relief. Pain can result from all types of injuries, but it can also come from chronic conditions. If these conditions can’t be cured as such, your physiotherapist will have some techniques and options available to help reduce the pain.

Often, pain management is an ongoing proposition, and while you may not need to continue undergoing physiotherapy for pain every week, you can certainly learn how to manage your condition better.

Decrease the risk of further damage

Physiotherapists do a whole lot more than prescribing an exercise program and giving you a massage. While this is certainly part of the treatment for many patients, you can also gain a lot of education from your physio. Learning how to decrease your risk of re-injury is crucial to pain management. Even if you don’t have a specific acute injury, your physio can advise on the best way to avoid causing further damage to the pain site.

Increase your overall recovery time

As we mentioned, some chronic pain conditions may not be curable, but you can learn how to manage the pain better. In the case of a specific injury, however, you naturally want to reach a full recovery in the fastest time possible. Whether you’re a sportsperson or your daily life is simply impeded by pain, a fast recovery is always a good recovery!

Seeing a physio as soon as possible following an injury is the best way to speed up your recovery and get back to doing the things you love.

Improve your quality of life

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should seek physiotherapy for pain as soon as possible because it can improve your quality of life. If certain movements are difficult, or you can’t do the things you love without experiencing pain, life can be a bit of a drag. Physio is one of the best ways to improve your comfort levels, increase mobility, and gain relief from pain.

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